How To Scale Your Business Using A Virtual Assistant

Ever wondered HOW you can scale your business by using a Virtual Assistant? Here, Jo & Joy give you real life examples of clients that have scaled up, as well as down.

Welcome to Savvy Sessions #24.

In this episode we are going to discuss how to scale your business using a virtual assistant. Now, given the recent global pandemic, the benefits of this type of scalable resource have become massively evident. Here we are going to look at two different examples of one that's scaled up, and one that's scaled down.

Scaled up, that is our business coach, business consultant type clients. We threw a few extra resources at them. We had a couple of coaches that actually got some of the government funding. Of course, then they got busier than normal with all of the businesses struggling at the time just to find the extra bit of advice and help, so we were able to immediately accommodate that workload by not only using their dedicated assistant with extra hours, but we could also throw in other team members. That was not only helping the coaches directly with their added workload, but also then helping the clients that they were working for. So just using the whole team to be able to process all the applications, welcome the clients, just manage that whole process and really be a good backstop for them. 

That is the benefit of having the virtual assistant rather than having an employee. An employee is just one person and they have their hours that they would do. But with a virtual assistant, because it's scalable, they could actually utilise more team members, really ramp up how many hours that we were doing for them, and they didn't have to try and hire someone extra or anything like that. We took care of all of that in the background. They were part of the Regional Partners Network and managed to have clients who got hold of the COVID-19 funding and were are able to hire a coach to be able to help them through these uncertain times and do their forecasting etc. So there was a lot more, there was triple the amount of clients booked in and so our team were able to take care of that increased workload. At the drop of the hat we were able to just be able to help them more, so that was awesome. 

Then we have the clients who were able to scale our services down. So that was the electricians, plumbers, builders, those clients that weren't able to work at all during the lockdown. Some of them were emergency plumbing and things like that, but most of their work was turned off and they weren't able to provide any services. Therefore, they didn’t need the services of a virtual assistant at the level that they had been using our services at. So what they were able to do is turn down the service, and they were just using us on a casual basis for things that came up when we needed to do them. But, some of them were on 10 hours service plans per month, some of them were on 40 hours service plans per month, and so they were just able to push pause on those with us. Not great for us, but great for them and our clients. And so they had now been able to turn that service plan back on and able to scale their services back up.

It's certainly important when you've got things like payroll that need to keep going as well, so that's a massive benefit, whether you're trying to grow the business, being able to have a resource that you can just tap into as and when you need it and vice versa scale it down. So, our clients were able to minimise the risk to them during particularly the recent times. They could save money, help the business kind of carry on, so that's the real bonus of having a virtual assistant onboard, you can literally do what you want, you can have more time, have less time. It really, really works for efficiency and productivity as well.

And just having that flexibility and being able to reduce costs when you need was very valuable for our clients. 

Thanks for watching.  That was Savvy Sessions #24.

We'll see you next time!

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