How To Not Look Like A Toe In Photos

Welcome to our first episode in the new Get Savvy series with Teesha and Jo!

Our first topic is: 'How to not look like a toe in your photos'. We know that some of you out there are probably wondering how you can turn your 'blah' selfies to Instagram-worthy ones!

Our head of creative team/photographer, Teesha, gladly shares her tips on how to take your photos to the next step! Here's a breakdown of the tips: 

  1. The first thing that you want to make sure that you do is always take photos (and this can apply to videos as well) at eye level or above. By doing this, it slims your entire face, and you're not taking it below your face and seeing all of your 'chins'. So, that would be the first and major tip. If this was the only one you were going to take away from the video, then, yeah, that's the best one!
  2. The second thing that you want to do is elongate your neck. This also helps remove the whole double chin-ness, as well. And, technically, you sort of do this by lifting the crown of your head, so you still have your chin down, but you're elongating your neck, instead of sitting back into your neck. Some people think you shouldn't have your chin down because it gives you double chins, right? But it's actually the opposite. So, as long as you're not pushing it back into itself, and you're actually elongating your neck, then that will really help you out.
  3.  Another tip that's not necessarily to stop you looking like a toe, but something that will help your selfies is making sure that your eyes are open. That sounds really stupid, but a lot of people, when they smile, squint a little bit. So, you just want to make sure you open them a little bit more (and I'm not talking crazy girlfriend kind of open).
  4.  Then last other thing is just making sure your posture is still relaxed. So, a lot of people tend to sort of stiffen up and have their shoulders up quite high, especially when they're doing the 'neck thing', so just make sure your shoulders are down. You can relax your chest - don't have it puffed up and out.

So there we go, our first Get Savvy topic! What did you think?

And if you have any questions, or suggestions for other topics that you'd like us to cover we'd be happy to answer in a future video.


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