What Can A Virtual Assistant Do For You

Here, we walk through a sample of some of our clients so you can see how a VA might be able to benefit YOUR business.

Welcome to Savvy Sessions #29.

In this episode, we're going to be asking the question 'What can a virtual assistant do for you?' Sometimes one of the hardest things to work out when hiring a virtual assistant is what they can actually do for you? So we're going to cover off a few of the clients that we work for and the types of tasks that we help them with. Hopefully that will prompt you to think, yes, actually, that would work for me too.

The first one is a creative agency. They outsource some of their graphic design overflow work to us. So, edits in WordPress, logos, branding, flyers, print brochures and business cards and all sorts of things, they actually outsource their graphic design work to us. 

Another one would be business coaches. One in particular, we do pretty much all their Xero, so invoicing, reconciling their GST (that can include actually logging it with IRD), doing their PAYE, scheduling all their clients, signing up the new clients, getting them on board, pretty much everything that allows them to just literally go to the meeting with a client, face the client, do the work for the client. We take care of the whole back end of the business for them.

We have some real estate agents. We're in the Wellington region here in New Zealand, so we go onsite and do photography for them and also help with their social media presence and creating graphics, for example creating calendars that get sent out at Christmas time for the next year. Lots of graphic design and photography type work.

We've got a few chiropractors and physios, so for them we're more of a virtual reception. We'll take calls, we'll book clients in, answer some of their questions when they're calling to book in, including ACC numbers, things like that. That stops them having to actually have someone physically onsite there purely to answer the phones.

We do work for a lawyer, we do lots of filing documents into their online filing system, grabbing those from emails and making sure that the filing is tidy.  We also do a bunch of personal tasks, so errands, calls, scheduling, bookings, making sure that they get to the dentist, booking their car in for a service, those types of things.

There's also an electrician, and we've got a few people that fall into the tradies category. For this particular electrician we do all the bookkeeping, so again we take care of his invoicing, making sure things are followed up and people are paying promptly. We also do his payroll and job scheduling. We can actually take the calls and book in a job for him because he's on the tools and can't answer his phone all the time. And many of our team are Fergus experts and so they manage the full Fergus job scheduling in there, quoting, invoicing, etc and set that up, and help to train team members to use the app for Fergus as well.

The next one is a fairly large transport company. We do the full payroll for them and also manage all of their supplier invoices and do their reconciling in Xero. 

There's also a property manager, we've got a couple of those actually. The one that springs to mind would be one that we're coordinating Healthy Homes inspections with the tenants, because as you can appreciate, that's a time-consuming thing having to align your calendar, contact the tenants, say "Hey we're going to have someone there to do an inspection on this day, at this time", so that if anyone who's a property manager, you must know how busy those to run around after tenants and try to coordinate things. We also coordinate tradies to go onsite and make repairs and organise water bills. We don't have those here in Wellington but in Auckland there are water bills that need to be on charged out to tenants. So, we do that.

And then the final one that we have for you is an independent consultant. So, they're doing consulting work or environmental law type stuff and a few other types of consultants where they're going in and doing project work for large organisations and government. There's a lot of daily inbox and diary management. So, filtering through emails, making sure that they don't miss anything, making sure that they go into folders and are categorised in a system. We have a few different systems that we use with clients. Whatever works for them so that they are alerted to the most urgent emails first and don't miss things from their clients, and also coordinating those meeting requests that they get.

Hopefully that's given you some idea of the types of businesses that we can work for and you might fit into one of those gaps.

Thanks again for watching.  That was Savvy Sessions #29.

And we'll see you next time!

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