The End Of An Era

This is our very last Savvy Session 😭 - hear why...
And watch until the end...

Welcome to Savvy Sessions #30. 

This is going to be the very last "Savvy Sessions with Joy and Jo" because our lovely Joy, who has been really getting into property investment lately, has now joined a property investment team.  After seven years at Strictly Savvy, where she started as a Virtual Assistant and moved into the Business Development Manager role when we realised that she was better at talking than actually doing admin. Business Development Manager has been the perfect role for Joy and we have absolutely loved having her flying the Savvy flag over the last seven years. But it is time to say goodbye to Joy. Joy will tell you all about that.

Yes, so as Jo said, I have been here for coming up seven years. It's been an amazing journey because literally I think that when I started with Jo there were four or five people.  I've seen it grow exponentially to up to I think 18 people. So, it's been an amazing time. I've loved working with such a cool, amazing boss and all of the team is amazing. And a big thank you to all the clients. I will miss you and the team, it's been a really cool, fun time. But I have taken the opportunity to go work for a property investment company called OPES Partners based out of Christchurch and Auckland. So, I will actually still be around.

And you're not moving to Christchurch. 

I'm not moving. I'm actually staying here in Wellington. So I will still be around in some capacity. So still flying the flag. 

We are absolutely going to miss having Joy around. If anyone has actually met Joy in person, she has such an amazing energy and we've absolutely loved having her as part of the Savvy Squad. Joy has been through everything that Strictly Savvy has been through. She has been there, and she just brings so much joy. And I love that her name is Joy. So much joy to the team and the squad. So we also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has watched all of our thirty episodes and followed us on this journey. I feel like if we look back at the first one, we have really come a long way in terms of our delivery and the videos and lots of changes. Joy doesn't have glasses on anymore and I think we had the same glasses.

Lots has happened since we started. Thanks so much for watching everyone. 

And on behalf of Strictly Savvy and all of the clients and everyone that you've met along the way, thanks so much for being part of that journey. So now this won't be the end of Strictly Savvy videos. We also have Teesha. We'll be doing a "Get Savvy with Teesha & Jo" video series. We'll carry this on and there'll be a little bit more of like tips and creative type stuff because Teesha is a creative, and Teesha is actually moving into the GM role at Strictly Savvy, which is really exciting. She's going to take over running things over the next six months. We're going to make that transition and then I can step across to working more on Savvy School, which is where we teach people how to create their own virtual assistant business and do training and coaching over in that business. So a lot of changes going on here.

But you can still look back at all the Savvy Sessions. They're all on YouTube, they're all on our Facebook page. Anything you need to know about how to hire a virtual assistant, what they are, look back. 

Thank you so much Joy. Now we are actually going to show you a little bit of Joy's journey here at Strictly Savvy, so enjoy.

And we won't see you next time!

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