Should You Do A Facebook Live In Landscape or Portrait

In this episode of 'Get Savvy with Teesha and Jo', we want to talk about whether you should film your Facebook live in landscape or in portrait mode.

There's not actually a right answer to this question, you can do either for different purposes. So let's break down the purposes for each videos.

So for portrait videos, these are mostly targeted at your viewers that are watching your live on their mobile phones. It is best used for instant reach to your viewers and if you also don't need the video to be uploaded to other social media sites like YouTube. Viewers will also get a larger view of your video as it will fill up most of their screen, desktop users will still get a pretty large video.

On the other hand here, landscape live videos can actually be repurposed. So if you were giving some tips live, you can reuse this video and put it on your website, on your blog, or put it onto YouTube and upload it up to LinkedIn. In case you don't know about this, you can actually download a live video, edit with your intro and outro and even add captions. So that's where we would suggest that you do that in landscape mode. 

Here's a really important tip that you need to know the next time you go live in Facebook.

So once you've chosen an orientation, whether it's portrait of a landscape, you can't go back. If you change in the middle of your video and all of your viewers are just going to see a video go sideways and wonder what has happened. 

If you want to start in portrait, make sure you keep that portrait at the beginning. 

Don't decide later on that you want to show them something in the distance and then change to landscape. That's just not going to go well because it will look like something is terribly wrong with your video broadcast.

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