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How To Speed Up Your New Team Member Induction

In this episode of 'Get Savvy with Teesha and Jo', our topic is how to speed up your induction process. 

Here at Strictly Savvy, we have a specific and documented process for hiring employees and contractors. 

It's all about streamlining and automating as much of the induction process as possible. Obviously, you still need to spend time with your new team members and have one on one training with them.

So if you have a think about all of the things that you need to teach new team members and how your systems work, there's a lot of repetition with every new team member that comes on. 

What we've developed is a full induction with videos and text. We use lots of tools and apps and there's a whole system of how we actually look after our clients.

For each individual system, we've created a video and that is in an online course. But you could just have it in an online folder structure or on a Google Site intranet.

On the video show or tell them exactly what you need them to know. What this also does is not only frees up your time but it speeds up the whole process and makes things really consistent. 

So there's no Chinese whispers of someone teaching one employee when they come on and someone teaching someone else in a slightly different way. Having it documented provides consistency for the business because everyone gets taught the same exact way to do something.

One of the contractors who we hired yesterday, she went through the training and was blown away with how incredible the induction was. 

She had everything that she needed. 

She knew exactly what to do next, what to watch next, because it was all laid out in a course for her and she just loved it. 

We haven't had to spend much time at all with her and all we now need to do is talk to her about expectations, answer her questions and give her that support.

In addition to the online course, we have also set up a templated process in our task management tool, Teamwork. It contains about 130 tasks of all the things we need to do internally when we bring on a new team member.  

When you really think about it, there are a lot of things that need to be set up when a new team member comes on board. 

  • They need to be put into payroll. 
  • They need to have the SmartPayroll app downloaded on their phone. 
  • They need to have a phone. 
  • They need to be set up on Lastpass. 
  • We need to know their emergency contact details. 
  • They need to fill in some forms.
  • The list goes on!

There's a whole bunch of things that you need to do when you bring on an employee, which if you have them all documented it just goes so much smoother. 

The important thing here is that when you bring on an employee, you want to have them ready and productive in doing their job as quickly as possible. 

Having everything streamlined and clear means they can be!

If this all sounds like a lot of work, then the team at Strictly Savvy can set it up for you and action many of the tasks required for each new hire.

~ Teesha and Jo


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