Digital Tools Equal Growth

Article written by Deb Tapp at WellingtonNZ. 

Embracing digital tools and processes will allow businesses to focus on growth.

That’s the word from Strictly Savvy general manager Teesha Masson, who says having the right digital tools will free up resources, people and time.

“And that saves businesses money and enables them to then focus on growth,” she says.
Upper Hutt-based Strictly Savvy began in 2012 after seeing business owners struggling with day-to-day operations. Today they have a team of high-calibre virtual assistants with a multitude of skills, talents, and knowledge.

“Whether you call us an outsourced office admin team, business support team, or a virtual secretarial service, we can help with anything that will free up time so you can spend it where it's needed most.


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