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10 Unexpected Tasks You Could Delegate To A Virtual Assistant

​"What can a virtual assistant actually do for me?”

You know those tasks that you do every day, that you've never delegated because you think it would take longer to teach someone than it would to just do it yourself? (hint: training a VA to take on these tasks will save you time in the long run!) 

We've all been there. It can take time to get into the swing of delegating your tasks to a VA, especially if you've been handling everything yourself up until now.  

Or, you might not be sure yet exactly what you could delegate, you just know that you need the help.  

Either way, we've compiled a short list below of some things that you might not realise that you can outsource. 

  1. Creating internal intranet/training guides

  2. Creating and attending to an admin, accounts or info inbox 

  3. Transcription of video and audio files 

  4. Weekly / monthly Google Analytics & traffic reports 

  5. Coordinating domestic travel 

  6. Producing & distributing client invoices 

  7. Preparation of training and induction materials  

  8. Managing your team’s leave and processing payroll 

  9. Distribution of monthly client statements & chasing overdue payments 

  10. Booking personal appointments (doctor/dentist/school etc.) 

A savvy virtual assistant truly can handle almost any task you throw at them. If you haven't downloaded the 101 things to delegate to a Virtual Assistant resource yet, get onto it! This is packed with so many smart ways that you can simplify your day and get on top of that to do list.   

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