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You Need To Up Your Social Media Game

Tired of scrambling at the last minute to find something to post on your social media channels?

Maybe you're going days or weeks at a time without posting anything.  

Coming up with well thought out, visually appealing and relevant posts can be tricky to do on the fly, which is why we love to use a content calendar.  

What is a content calendar?  

A content calendar maps out what content you are going to post on which platforms, and when you're going to post it. It allows you to plan your social media marketing weeks and even months ahead of time, saving you from the last-minute panic. 

Why should I use one? 

Consistency is key when it comes to your social media channels. Posting regularly builds your credibility, increases the opportunity to connect with your clients and customers, and allows your marketing team to collaborate on your content easily. 

Sign me up! How do I get started? 

There are so many ways to get started with content planning. At a very basic level, a shared Google Calendar outlining what you are going to post on each channel can work well. This allows multiple members of your team to access and edit the plan as needed. The downside to this method is that you still need to post your content manually.  

To really automate your content plan you will need to look to a tool such as Hootsuite, Amplifr or Later (many content planning tools have both free and paid plans). Here at Strictly Savvy, we love Amplifr. It allows us to connect all our social media channels in one place, draft the content that we want to post, and have it posted automatically at a set time. It also shows us analytics relating to our levels of engagement and the best time of the day to post.  

Need help getting your content planning sorted? We're to help! Learn about our social media plans here.


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