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Should you hire a freelance VA?

Hey, busy business owner, let us paint a picture for you:

You're overwhelmed, a slave to that never-ending to-do list, wondering how you will ever get on top of everything.  

You want to free up the time to focus on the things that only you can do in your business. The revenue-generating, business building, high level things that you love doing.  

You decide that you need a virtual assistant to delegate your day-to-day admin, bookkeeping and creative tasks to. So, who do you hire? A freelancer, or an agency? 

Your knee-jerk reaction might be that an agency isn't going to care as much as a freelancer. You need someone that can learn the ins and outs of what you do, that you can build a strong working relationship with. 

A freelance VA is the obvious choice. Right? Not so fast... 

Let's talk about why a virtual assistant agency is the better choice for you and your business.  

  1. A freelancer is one person with the limitations of their skills only.  
    At Strictly Savvy, you have one dedicated person assigned to you that can access the full range of skills and knowledge within the team when needed. 
  2. If something happens with your freelance VA, you will likely be left in the lurch, scrambling for backup or someone to take over.  
    We offer uninterrupted service with a backup VA in case your assigned VA is sick or on leave.
  3. Freelancers don't document all your processes and instructions because it is only them carrying out the work.  
    At Strictly Savvy, everything we do for you is fully documented, meaning that you have a full operations manual prepared if you go on to hire in-house. 

Many of our clients have been with the same VA for 5+ years! They love building strong relationships with their clients and don't pass them around the team, instead project managing any work that needs to be completed by another team member.  

Ready to take a load off and hire a Strictly Savvy VA? Set up your free discovery call with us today. 


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