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10 More Unexpected Tasks To Delegate

You can delegate almost anything to a savvy VA.

One of the benefits of using a virtual assistant agency is that they can handle almost any task that you need to delegate. At Strictly Savvy, you're assigned one head VA who is backed by an entire team with a diverse range of skills. So, what kind of things can you delegate?  

If you haven't read our first list of 10 unexpected things you can delegate to a VA, you should! We've included 10 more tasks to consider delegating below. 

  1. Organising catering for meetings or events 
  2. Minute taking 
  3. Managing social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) 
  4. Accounting software set up 
  5. Coordinating gifts/flowers 
  6. Editing podcast episodes 
  7. Proofreading and grammar checking 
  8. PDF conversion, splitting and merging 
  9. E-book formatting 
  10. Website design and development 

Once you start delegating, you won't be able to stop! Want to learn more about the tasks that the team at Strictly Savvy can handle? Download our list of 101 tasks here


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