Work From Home Productivity Tips

Working from home at least some of the time is the new normal for a lot of people – but the added distractions of being in your own space can impact productivity and make it feel like you're struggling to keep on top of everything. 

Here are our top tips for staying productive when working from home: 

  1. Stick to a schedule 
    You may not be commuting to the office every morning, but you should still try and keep a regular work schedule. Without clearly defined start and finish times you might find that the line between work and home starts to become blurred. Be strict about your ‘office hours’ and allow yourself time off in the evenings to step away from your computer. Having time away from work to rest will allow you to be more productive during your set working hours.  
  2. Create an inviting workspace 
    No one wants to spend time working from an office that doesn't inspire them. Avoid the call of working from the couch or the dining room table by creating an office space that is perfect for you and your working style. We're talking a comfortable desk chair, clutter-free desk and anything else that makes your space look inviting. This could be a candle that you burn throughout your work day, a photo of your family on the wall, or the latest addition to your houseplant collection.  
  3. Take breaks away from your desk 
    Sitting for hours at a time is a sure-fire way to wind down productivity. Avoid the sluggish feeling by standing up and moving around a little every hour, stretch, and pop outside for some fresh air.   
  4. Stay connected with your team 
    The lack of in-person communication can be tough while working from home. Keeping in touch with your colleagues is key to feeling like you're still part of the team. Chat tools like Slack or Teamwork are perfect for sending quick messages throughout the day, while video services like Zoom are great for more in-depth catch ups.  


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