What's a website audit?

Are you looking to improve your website, but you’re not sure where to start?

The perfect first step is to have your website audited by an expert. But what exactly does this mean?

A website audit is a diagnostic process.

It's designed to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your website, which can be hard to see objectively when looking at your website yourself.  

It's a great way to hear from an expert about what's working and what's not, and in turn what's serving your customers well or could be improved. This gives you the clarity to do more of the things that are working, resulting in a highly converting, well-designed website. 

A website audit is useful regardless of your budget or time restraints. Once you've been given a list of action steps by your web design expert, you're free to work through them at your own pace, either making small incremental improvements, or committing to a total overhaul all at once.   

What does a website audit look like at Strictly Savvy?

Our creative team, Wildhouse Design Studio, are experts when it comes to auditing websites. The process once you've reached out to our Creative Lead and accepted your proposal is simple, in fact all we need from you is the link to your website. 

We'd rather work with as little background information as possible, so that we get the same first impression as a potential client/customer visiting your site. 

  1. First, we scan the website to get an overall feel of what it's like to use and whether it feels on-brand. This gives us a good idea of what a potential client’s first impressions of the website would be. 

  2. We then do a deep dive into each individual page of the website. We identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within each page, looking at both design and user-friendliness. 

  3. Next, we test the processes within your website. This lets us assess how intuitive your website is to use and navigate. 

  4. After we’ve viewed and tested each page of your website, we start making a list of the common themes or issues that we’ve come across. This forms the basis of the report that we provide to you. 

  5. Within the report you’ll receive from us are carefully selected categories and subcategories relating to your website’s look, user experience and technical abilities. We rank the site on a scale for each of the subcategories and give you a description of why your website ranked there and what could be done to rank higher. 

  6. The report also includes a list of broad action steps carefully selected by us. We outline what the issues are, how we would suggest you solve them and the benefit this will have to your website and business as a whole. 

  7. Lastly the website audit includes a search engine analysis. This is a scan of your entire site to see how and where you could be improving your SEO (search engine optimisation) to be ranking higher in organic Google Search results.  

After you’ve had a chance to read through your custom report, you’ll also have a scheduled meeting with us to discuss our findings and recommendations. We can go into detail about the theory and strategy behind the rankings we’ve given your website, and talk about the action steps to take going forward.  


  • A copy of the original page analysis for your whole site. Unfiltered opinions from an expert in this field. 

  • A full custom report for your website. With your ranking in each subcategory and action steps to push you in the best direction 

  • A full search engine ranking report, for you to use to correct all warnings or issues in your SEO. 

  • A session to discuss our findings and answer any questions that might have come from this process. 

Pricing: starting from $597+GST - depending on website size. 

Project duration: 2-3 weeks. 

What we are not: SEO Specialists, Marketing experts, or Web Developers. We outsource the work required for these parts of the website improvement process.  

Ready to have your website audited by our team of experts?

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