Who are the best virtual assistant companies in New Zealand?

There's no shortage of great options when it comes to virtual assistant companies (we tend to call them agencies) in New Zealand, which can make choosing the right one for you and your unique needs tricky!

We've rounded up the top four VA agencies that you should consider while searching for a VA. While each of these agencies will be able to help you with your admin, bookkeeping and design tasks, they all offer specialty services as well.

In no particular order:

Your VA (Your Virtual Assistant Ltd)

The team of 38 at Your VA is based all across New Zealand,specialising in: 

  • virtual assistance
  • virtual expertise
  • virtual business management

“Back in 1998 I saw a need for entrepreneurs to access virtual assistant services.  Now that need has grown from administrative assistance to full business support.

Like you I’ve built my business from an idea, made a lot of mistakes, and learned from each and every one of them.  That experience paired with our team of expertise will help you break through your ceiling, without the overwhelm.”

Your VA specialises in VBM (virtual business management), supported by their VA team to give their clients full virtual business support across their business.  A VBM works with their client as a trusted advisor in the business, working to improve operations and systems to increase profitability while freeing the owner up to spend their time on areas of the business that makes the biggest impact.

They have a wide range of packages available, as well as a huge library of downloadable resources,  videos, and blogs on their website for everything you need to know about virtual assistants and virtual business managers.

Book a free discovery call with Justine from Your VA here.


Based in Auckland with VAs and clients all over Aotearoa, Released is the go-to agency for tradies who want to focus more on the craft they’re trained for (and less on their admin, bookkeeping, scheduling, customer comms, or digital marketing). Plumbers gotta plumb, right?

The Released team can help you offload your admin, free up your time, and grow your business without the stress. And as experts in all the most popular tradie job management software platforms, they are ready to hit the ground running.

“Released was established by Kellie in May of 2014 to provide admin support to a tradie in need of help. Turns out, what she could offer was exactly what busy tradespeople and service providers often require. Since then, the business has grown into a team of competent, capable, and passionate people with a range of virtual assistance skills.” 

In addition to the typical admin and bookkeeping, Released offers a range of trades-specific and specialised services such as: 

  • Job management software setups and management (ServiceM8, Fergus, simPRO, Ascora, Buildaprice, BuildXact, Workflow Max, Tradify) 
  • Job back costing 
  • Quoting and Invoicing assistance 
  • Digital marketing and copywriting

Their casual rates start from $87/hour, with their preferential monthly plans starting at $690/month. 

A quick chat with their director Kellie is the best way to hear more about what Released does and how they can do it for you—book one here!


Based in the Waikato, this team of 8 offers a wide range of bookkeeping, admin and design services.

They predominantly work with trades, small businesses, and those in the agricultural and farming industry.

“When we started Varntige in 2015, it was with the simplest of missions: to help business owners be happier and less stressed while running their growing businesses.

Every service that we have created since then, whether it’s bookkeeping, administration, graphic design or websites, has been in pursuit of that mission.”

Varntige offers a range of services from admin right the way through to web and graphic design. One of the more unique services they offer is business planning and growth. This includes:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Creating a business plan
  • Budget planning (Profit and Loss, Cashflow)
  • One-on-one monthly progress and budget meetings

The Business Planning and Growth package starts from $250 per month, with their monthly VA packages starting from $510 + gst.

Varntige allows you to buy their packages online through their website, perfect if you need to get up and running quickly and know exactly what you want!

The team at Varntige also close their doors for one day each year to get out and about in the community, gifting their time to a local organisation or charity.

Flick Varntige an email through the form on their contact page to get the ball rolling.

Strictly Savvy

At Strictly Savvy, we have a team of 27 based all over New Zealand (as well as one of our team who works from South Africa!), and we specialise in virtual assistance, bookkeeping and web design.  

We've been helping business owners since 2012. Our founder Jo Jensen recognised business owners were struggling to get everything done. They were overwhelmed and not coping with the day-to-day running of their businesses. They needed help but didn't want the risk or hassle of employing someone or going through the lengthy recruitment process.  

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant is the perfect alternative to get business owners back to doing what they do best – the revenue generating tasks in their business that only they can do. 

We've built a team with an extensive range of skills, meaning that you can ask us to take care of almost any task. We work with a wide variety of clients across many industries, most commonly coaches, small business owners, and trades and service-based businesses.  

While we take care of all virtual admin, bookkeeping, and creative tasks, some of our most popular services include: 

  • Executive assistance  

  • Bookkeeping in Xero  

  • Web design  

  • Photography and videography              

We have a range of pricing plans with no lock-in contracts. Virtual Assistant service plan pricing ranges from $810 a month for up to 10 hours of support, through to $2840 with 40 dedicated hours per month. Plans and pricing are tailored to each client and their specific needs.  

Book a discovery call with our client success manager to talk about how Strictly Savvy could help you.

Picking the right agency comes down to what type of tasks you want to delegate, what expertise you need, and what your budget is.

It's also important to feel comfortable with the team you're working with! It can pay to shop around, especially if your tasks require specialist skills or fall within a specific niche.  


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