What Do VAs Mainly Do?

Ever wondered what virtual assistants do? The scope of work can be vast, but here Jo and Joy highlight the most common tasks...


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- Welcome to Savvy Sessions number 16 with Joy and Jo.

- Now in this video we are going to be answering the question from Karen Kaye which is "What do VA's mainly do?"

- Yeah so it all depends which type of VA you get whether you're getting a VA whose specialised in an area however, in general and what we do at Strictly Savvy is a whole range of tasks that a virtual assistant might do. Mainly, inbox management and Xero bookkeeping are two of the main things that most clients who come to us are needing and ask for. So in terms of managing an inbox might be that they manage your inbox or you might have an info or inquiries inbox or something like that and so they would actually manage that. They would log in to it online and they would deal with those emails or they would sift through them for you and filter them so they might, you might get emails such as, you know, you might be speaking at an event in a couple of weeks and you need to provide a head shot to the organisers so they might email you asking for that. That's something that is super easy for your VA to take over. So they go into your files, grab the head shot out and they respond and deal with the email and you don't even need to see it. So it's those types of things that are really easy for virtual assistants to be able to action in your inbox. Then they might have a system set up with you where they filter emails into a folder that you, only you can deal with and then you just go into that folder and deal with those. So inbox management is definitely a main service that VA's provide. 

- Diary, yeah diary management.

- And diary too yeah. So that goes with it. There might be people who are sending in calendar appointments for you and they could manage your calendar and they could go back if a time doesn't suit or often people will email saying they can we catch up on whatever or arrange a meeting and so that VA can liaise with them and get people booked into your calendar.

- Yeah. So I guess generally you're thinking of them as being your executive assistant that might be in the office so anything administrative that you get stuck doing and don't want to do, that's what you pass on to your virtual assistant. And also extends to things like bookkeeping so a lot of the day to day kind of reconciling getting receipts into Xero. Things like that.

- Following you up for your receipts.

- Yeah, hassling you.

- Getting them into Xero.

- Yeah. They could even manage the accounts inbox. So you might have an inbox set up or it might be in your own inbox where your getting invoices sent to you and then they could be putting them into Xero and getting them processed through, so...

- That's pretty much that main thing.

- Main things. With Strictly Savvy we also have a creative team so one of the other services that is often requested is document formatting. So taking a document or you might have like a lead magnet downloadable on your website or an E book or flyers or anything that you need to create and make it look really good or if you have something and you want to take it to that next level make it look really professional. That's quite often one of the services that is requested from clients.

- So yeah. Mainly anything that you don't have to do and someone else can do with a bit of guidance or showing what to do or a bit of direction then that is what a VA mainly does. To free you up so that you are focusing on revenue generating activities, growing your business, becoming successful, or whatever that looks like for you. So that's Savvy Sessions number 16 with Joy and Jo.

- See you next time.

End of Transcription.


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